Off Grid Solar

Off-grid Solar Systems

A game-changer for rural power users.
Tipperary Station NT
Tipperary Station - Now part-powered by the Sun with big cost savings

Country Solar NT came up with a custom designed 100 kW system to supplement traditional diesel generating systems for the sprawling Tipperary Stations property 160 kilometres south of Darwin.

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Power Without wires or poles

Off-grid Solar – changing lives and industry in rural NT

Vast distances, remote locations, limited and costly infrastructure, wet season transport disruptions, the cost of diesel, fuel storage issues … these are Northern Territory challenges for which off-grid solar is an ideal solution.

They are driving an increasing take-up of off-grid solar for rural properties, remote settlements, processing and packing plants, mining camps, isolated homes and the like across the Territory. The trend is accelerating as more people and organisations become aware of solar advantages.

Interest in off-grid solar arrays is being boosted by:

  • • The falling costs of solar panels and components.
  • • The rapidly improving efficiencies and falling prices of battery storage.
  • • The location independence of solar systems – you can put them anywhere the sun shines and they can be designed to suit any situation.
  • • The minimal maintenance required by properly designed and installed off-grid systems – they can be expected to keep reliably delivering electricity for 20 years plus.
  • • The fact that the system NEVER has to be refueled – the energy it delivers keeps coming FREE from the sun.
  • • The low initial cost – way less than you would have to pay to extend power lines and for connection fees should you be distant from a grid supply.
  • • The efficiency of solar in the Territory – more so than just about anywhere else in Australia – we have the benefit of Australia’s sunniest regions.

In short off-grid solar or Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS) provide the perfect answer to providing efficient, abundant and less costly electricity for many of the Territory’s remote rural enterprises and communities.

Maintenance requirements are reduced along with operational and re-supply hassles, up-front costs, and on-going fuel costs.

Incentives Reduce Up-front Costs

Your installation costs can be offset by Government incentives. For commercial enterprises, grants of up to $20,000 under the NT Government’s Smarter Business Solutions Program as well as Federal Clean Energy incentives, typically worth tens of thousands of dollars.

These are among the reasons why the giant 3,800 square kilometer Tipperary Stations Group called in Country Solar NT to install a 100kW solar system on its property 160 kilometers south of Darwin.

Rather than battery storage the managers called on Country Solar NT to come up with a design that maximized the efficiency of the solar input as part of the Station’s overall energy mix.

The solution they came up with supplements the Station’s traditional diesel generating capacity and saves Tipperary around 200 liters of fuel per day! See

You don’t have to be a Tipperary Station or a big mining company to consider off-grid solar – a purpose built Stand Alone Power System designed for your remote area solar electricity needs is no longer out of reach.

With today’s advanced solar equipment and batteries, Stand Alone power systems can run your whole house or your enterprise, and then some. And they can be installed at an affordable price.

For a household solar system including battery storage (currently the most expensive component) you can expect a payback period of around 10 years.

The Samsung system featured in the video (right) combines a solar PV battery inverter and a lithium-ion battery. It was the first of its kind for the Northern Territory, providing an innovative off-grid  for a remote area installation. We stay on top of new technologies sowe can bring you the best

Typical stand-alone off-grid systems are hybrids, comprising a solar panels array, inverters, batteries, controllers and monitors, together with a modest back-up diesel generator to provide supplementary power during extended periods without sun.

By the way, you don’t have to be out in the middle of nowhere for a Stand Alone Power System to make sense – it can be equally viable for a rural block close to town if you don’t have ready access to a grid connection.

To discuss how an off-grid solar system can meet your power needs please call (08) 8998 9609. We will arrange a chat with our Stand-Alone Power Systems experts Jeremy Hunt or Thomas Wearne

Off-grid Solar Systems

Specialist Custom Designs

Country Solar NT is well equipped to deliver innovative design solutions for remote installations – it has the experience of founder Jeremy Hunt and it has the systems design skills of highly regarded specialist Solar Project Engineer Thomas Wearne.

Thomas graduated with honors from Murdoch University with majors in Electrical Power Engineering and Renewable Energy Engineering before joining Country Solar NT in 2015.

For his honors thesis he designed a stand-alone power system with battery bank and diesel generator back-up housed in a container powered from a ground-mounted PV array and with software and monitoring systems to maximize its efficiency.

His aim was to create an ideal portable off-grid power source for remote applications. Now he is applying those skills in the Territory.

Thomas enjoys coming up with innovative, expert design solutions for Outback customers and he and Country Solar NT are working on more exciting off-grid projects.

Thomas Wearne - Electrical Engineer Battery Specialist
Thomas Wearne - Electrical Engineer & Battery Specialist
jeremy hunt
Jeremy Hunt