14-17 year olds – Martial Arts for teens

14-17 year olds of today are facing more stress than the generations before them. In our opinion, they are growing up faster and facing adult challenges sooner than most of us ever did. Schooling pressure and social acceptance is something that every teen faces. Although this is the reality of the time we live in, something can always be done about the situation you are in.

We aim to instil this in today’s teens by providing a safe and positive environment for them to reduce their stress by hitting bags and pads (it is amazing how much this helps). Our instructors relate well to the 14-17 year olds class and are well respected by them.

Not only does the physical outlet provide a means of focusing any frustration onto something constructive and developmental but it keeps their bodies active. This is important to keep the balance of a healthy mind and healthy body.

Many people think martial arts is about punching and kicking and hurting people. This is a common misconception and it never ceases to amaze us how many parents still think that martial arts and fighting go hand in hand. How wrong you are! Martial Arts is about the exact opposite. Not fighting. Now this seems like a paradox, but please don’t fall for society’s misconception before experiencing a professional martial arts school that strives to make a difference.

Class Times : 14-17 Year Olds

5.30pm Tuesday & Thursday
6.20pm Friday
11.15am Saturday