Mr Swart – Instructor

Mr Swart

Favourite Quote

“Stand for something or you will fall for everything.”

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt: Wilkes Martial Arts


  • Instructor Training Certificate Level 3: Conducted by Kyoshi Sean Allen.
  • Senior First Aid / CPR
  • Working with Children Check

More about me:
I enrolled in martial arts when I was 9, to help deal with my anger and to have a great outlet for all of my energy. From the moment I started my class, I knew that martial arts was for me. I enjoyed using my body to demonstrate many different techniques, and to do things right out of the Karate Kid movies!

This also gave me enough confidence to stand up to the school bully that had been making everyone else’s life (as well as mine) a nightmare. I found an inner peace in martial arts, and it helped me in many trials in my life.

After training at several different Karate based schools, external forces caused me to drop out of martial arts, and after a few years, I found Wilkes Martial Arts and Fitness Academy. This was the first place I had been to that taught everything. Nothing could stop me from coming back. One day it would be boxing and karate, another day it would be wrestling or stick fighting. I was completely humbled as there was so much martial arts knowledge for me to learn!

Armed with the tools and knowledge learnt at Wilkes Academy, I started applying the principles of sparring to everyday life. Using the strategic thinking gained from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to communicate with people in a very effective way. Using Dojo etiquette to stay humble enough to learn, but strong enough to stand my ground. Before I knew it, Wilkes Academy had integrated into my life seamlessly, and each day it made me a better person than what I was.

When Mr. Wilkes asked me to join the instructor’s team, I was ecstatic. I can now pass on what I learnt, and help develop the young minds of today to become outstanding citizens. I can help reinforce the qualities of respect, courtesy, and integrity. I can teach my students the point of persevering to achieve a goal, and having fun doing it. I take a lot of pride in my students, and some of the best feelings that I have ever experienced are when I help a student succeed – especially in areas where they were having difficulties.

Although these are just a few things that contribute to my martial arts journey, they are the biggest in terms of shaping myself. Every day I come in to Wilkes Academy it feels like going to a big family dinner, and after every dinner you go home fuller and more cheerful than when you arrived.