Miss Busher – Instructor

Miss Busher

Favourite Quotes

“Today I shall behave as if this is the day I will be remembered”

“We are the Pilgrims, master; we shall go
Always a little further…”

  • 2nd Degree black belt: Wilkes Martial Arts
  • 2nd Dan black belt: Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters)
  • Green belt: Eskrima
  • Instructor Training Certificate
  • Senior first aid / CPR
  • Working with children check
  • WA state taekwondo team 06-08, national team 2008
  • PhD Candidate
  • Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Environmental Science
Training Career Highlights:

Second degree grading at Wilkes Martial Arts (2017)
Competing in the World Poomsae Championships in Turkey (2008)

More about me:

My name’s Emily and my favourite things are plants, food, taking photos and (of course) martial arts! I have 13 years of martial arts experience behind me, and so much more to learn.

My introduction to the martial arts began with my primary school best friend who did taekwondo, and taught me different punches and kicks. When I started high school I finally got the opportunity to start training. I’m really shy (and a bit of a nerd) so I was often bullied at school. After starting taekwondo though, my training quickly became my focus. It wasn’t long before my fitness and flexibility improved, and four years later I got my black belt.

For me, black belt was just the beginning – I got to start refereeing and help teach classes. Despite having my year 12 exams approaching, I even took the opportunity to travel to Turkey for the 2008 World Poomsae Championships. To this day, that trip ranks among my best life decisions, as the sport drastically changed when my instructor passed away the following year. Although I did continue training, the sport no longer offered me the same satisfaction. I did reach my second dan, but when I moved to Perth for university, my training (now a two hour drive) became especially sporadic.

I wanted to train properly again, but even after realising Wilkes was nearby, it took me almost two years to finally book an introductory lesson. For me, the uncertainty was because I felt like training somewhere new would be disloyal, and because I honestly didn’t believe that any “Perth club” could ever provide me with the excellent instructors, the sense of family, and the friendly atmosphere that I’d left behind. I was proven wrong in those first nervous steps into Wilkes Martial Arts.

At first I found it challenging to make my two lessons per week, but I soon regained my passion for martial arts, and changed from someone who slept in (through every 11am training) to arriving before 8am every Saturday! Martial arts kept me sane through a university degree, it keeps me fit despite my love for snacks, and it motivates me to push myself. I hope to continue developing my skills as a student and instructor, and never stop learning. Please come in and check out a Wilkes Martial Arts class, we’ve got students from the age of 2 all the way through to their 60’s, so there is something for everyone!