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Kids Birthday Party:


Action packed and sure to be a hit!


Looking for a kids birthday party? We conduct birthday parties for all ages! Our instructors work tirelessly to ensure that your child’s party is fun, exciting and will be talked about for years to come. It is one and half hours of non-stop, action packed drills and the all-time favourite sword sparring (with foam noodles). We have heaps of drills that you and your child can choose from. Our team will organise a time to meet prior to the actual party to pre-plan and ensure that everything runs well on your Child’s special day. There is a seating area for parents, trestle tables, basic kitchen facilities (No Oven) and BBQ to ensure your child has a fantastic birthday. With a range of different equipment for all different drills we are also able to cater to special request such as piñata, musical statues and other classic party games all conducted in a safe environment.

You are welcome to have a themed party and where possible, the instructor team will dress up and get on board with the theme as well.

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Birthday Party Testimonial

Hi David

Garreth and I wanted to email you to thank you for holding such a great party for Gabrielle and Genevieve.
Everything went seamlessly and I felt it was a fun and exciting venue for a children’s party (Gabby loved her birthday card from you too).

We also wanted to thank Jackson and Riley, they were so good with the children and they seemed to really put an effort into ensuring they all had a great time. Many of the parents commented on what a wonderful job they were doing. Gabrielle was also quite pleased to learn that she shares her birthday with Mr. Mitchell!

I hope Saturday’s party encourages other parents to come along and check your academy out.

Best Regards
Susan and Garreth