Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor Josephine Masiello

More about me:
I started BJJ at Legion 13 Cannington in 2002 to help me keep fit and learn how to better protect myself. I soon fell in love with how fun and challenging Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes were and after 3 months, I thought I’d have a go at competing. However this has never been my main focus in the sport as it is about so much more than that. BJJ really is a lifestyle that I have embraced that has had a very positive impact on me. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with others of all ages and watching my students develop both on and off the mat both competitively and in life in general.

Training career highlights:
2015 No Gi Worlds Bronze Medalist
2015 Boa Super 8 Competitor
2014 World Masters Black Belt Lightweight Champion
2013 Pan Pacific Absolute and Middleweight Blackbelt Champion Gi and No Gi