Freestyle martial arts system: What makes this unique?

Here at Wilkes Martial Arts, our Martial Arts system is known as a Freestyle system. What does this mean you may ask? Excellent question, and I hope this blog post can expand your knowledge on exactly what our style is and what we feel makes it so special!

Where to start…. Let’s start with the name. Freestyle Martial Arts. There is actually no rocket science here. It simply means FREE of STYLE. We aren’t bound to any particular style and we certainly do not get caught up in “which style is the best” conversations. We are interested in what works for you as the individual! Our motivation comes from helping individuals increase their awareness and ability to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Free of style and a better explanation of what it means: The best way to explain how a martial art can be free of style is to rather than think of it as an individual. Think of it as a community of individuals. The theory or concept is to not place style or technical restrictions on an individual and for them to explore their own natural strengths and weaknesses. This theory is also great from a practical application perspective as you can test your skills in practice against people of different styles as well. And this is all within the one academy.

One thing we have to accept is that we are all different, we have had different life experiences and are comfortable with different things. Who we are, our experiences and our natural genetic makeup certainly contribute to what style of martial artist you are going to be. Another factor of course would be what you enjoy. You will naturally want to train and implement more of what you love!

Our style takes use of:

  • Boxing for its punches, awesome footwork, use of angles and head movement.
  • Muay thai kickboxing for its destructive power in kicks, knee, clinch and elbows.
  • Taekwondo offers lightning fast kicks and amazing accuracy for high kicks.
  • Karate offers strong, blocks, conditioning and excellent philosophy to master one’s own mind.
  • Filipino Eskrima is implemented for a straight to the point self defence tactics against weapons.
  • Brazilian jiu jitsu offers excellent use of your own body to defend yourself on the ground.

We achieve this by having a structured syllabus and also specialised training classes. Our freestyle syllabus over the course of at least 4 and half years will teach you the basics and ensure proficiency in these areas. We also have specific style focused classes, which allow you to work on that individual style if it takes your interest.

Hopefully this gives you some insight into Freestyle martial arts and what it is we do. If you have questions or feedback, please contact me by email: I am more than happy to help!

Train smart, train hard and stay focused!

Your friend,

Sensei David Wilkes