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OUR STORY - Becoming the TRUSTED Territory name in solar

Country Solar NT is very much a home grown company and a Northern Territory success story.

We began early in 2010 as an electrical contracting business with domestic rooftop solar installations as a sideline – back when the NT market for solar was still very much in its infancy.

The harsh economic reality at that time was that solar was still seriously EXPENSIVE. But Country Solar NT founder Jeremy Hunt was passionate about renewable energy and committed to creating a dedicated solar installation and maintenance business.

Back in those days buyers had to be true believers in renewables who could see the need to combat climate change or part of a small minority of enthusiasts for new technologies prepared to take a long term perspective on viability.

Jeremy Hunt recalls selling tiny 2kW systems in those early days for more than $14,000 – with a payback period of 12 years plus – that’s around 15% more than you need pay today for a superior high quality 6.5kW system, with a payback period of less than 5 years.

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PICTURE – A proud moment as Founder and Managing Director Jeremy Hunt and wife Pam accept TELSTRA NT Business of the Year award for Country Solar NT.

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The widespread adoption of rooftop solar around the world and in Australia and the Northern Territory came gradually at first, and then ever more quickly.

New technologies and large-scale production saw the cost of solar panels and components FALLING DRAMATICALLY, by as much as 80% or more over just seven years. At the same time the cost of electricity across Australia was GOING UP, equally dramatically.

Soon the “SUN RUSH” was underway, and Jeremy Hunt and Country Solar NT were in the right place and the right industry at the right time.

Country Solar NT rapidly emerged as the Territory’s largest and most respected solar installation and maintenance provider, installing hundreds of rooftop solar panel arrays, inverters and smart switching systems for home owners and complex, large-scale solar systems for businesses, industry, institutions and remote users far from the electricity grids.

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Despite the limited size of its regional market, Country Solar NT was soon ranking among the top solar installers across Australia and by 2017 the company had installed more than 12,500 kW of new solar generating capacity across the Territory.

Rooftop panels were saving customers MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year on their electricity bills and at the same time reducing Territory emissions from fossil fuel electricity.

In 2015 Country Solar was named as winner of the Telstra Northern Territory Business of the Year Award.

The company’s continuing insistence on quality, expertise and transparency had paid off, big time, as its reputation spread.

The company moved to premises in the Darwin suburb of Coconut Grove but soon outgrew these and in July 2018 expanded again into a new showroom with supporting warehouse and workshop at Stuart Highway, Winnellie.


Plus genuine local knowledge

Jeremy Hunt, with wife Pam, travelled much of the world before settling in Darwin in 2008, allowing him to bring an international perspective to the development of Country Solar NT’s rooftop solar business.

But importantly his roots are very much in Australia’s most remote regions. Jeremy hails from Port Hedland in Western Australia’s north-west. He knows the harsh conditions and the challenges of climate and vast distances first hand and he understands where people from the Territory are coming from and the issues they have to face.

Jeremy grew up and completed school in Hedland and then went on to world class training in electrical engineering and instrumentation with BHP. He later worked with major mining, oil and gas and transportation companies, giving him an ideal skillset for the transition to solar.

He has continued to study and build on these skills, keeping up with the dynamic and rapidly evolving advances in the growing rooftop solar industry. Along the way Jeremy and Country Solar have maintained their commitment to excellence and expertise by recruiting top flight specialists from around Australia to fill key positions.

Country Solar NT people are not only highly qualified and experienced – they also are committed to the benefits of solar as a key part of the energy mix of the future. They are committed also to ensuring the Northern Territory keeps pace with the latest developments in the renewables revolution underway around the world.




READ MORE about the early days of  Country Solar NT published in the cover article of Territory Q Magazine in Octber 2017

OUR VALUES – A message from Managing Director, Jeremy Hunt

“We know purchasing a solar power system can be a big decision. That’s why we have worked hard to become known in the solar power industry for our no pressure, consultative and informative approach in helping our clients understand exactly what is involved in installing a solar PV system and what it can do for your electricity bills. We are passionate about solar energy and bringing it to you – whether you are an individual, a family, business or government – we can find the right long-term solution in energy efficiency to suit your needs.

 We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and local expertise while our upfront full disclosure, no pushy sales approach gives you the relevant information you need to make an informed decision on a long term investment. Our aim is to offer the best price each and every time to all of our customers for comparable, quality products and services – maybe not the lowest price but always the best value.

 Our products are Tier 1 and our installations put customer needs first in our testing Territory climate and conditions. We don’t believe in settling for lesser products for such a long-term investment and, frankly, neither should you. Our aim is to design and install the most suitable system, using the latest Tier 1 products at the best market price, giving each customer the best return on their investment.In particular our in-house structural engineers ensure you have 100% compliance with cyclonic building codes.

 Country Solar NT’s Territory focus and respect for our customers has served us well on our journey so far and it’s a philosophy that we will continue to follow. We won’t use call centers, we don’t cold call and we will never subscribe to the hard sell, used car sales approach of some less reputable fly-in fly-out solar marketing companies.

 With Country Solar NT You will always be dealing direct with qualified, helpful in-house staff, who know the Territory and the concerns and needs of its residents and have the expertise to explain and inform. And when you are ready to go ahead our back room staff of engineers and designers will ensure you are offered the best system for your needs every time.”

Our Team



Operations Manager

Terry moved from Queensland to join our team as part of our 2018 expansion. He brings a strong background in leadership, project management, electrical engineering, safety procedures and environmental policy.

Anais Conradsen Office Manager Document Controller

Office Manager and Document Controller

The person who makes the office hum and ensuring that the complex documentation for solar installations flows smoothly so you have a hassle-free experience. Anais also works closely with Sebastian Baust in providing support for clients.

Sebastian Baust - Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

Our expert assessor and answer man with environmental and conservation degrees from Brandenburg (Germany) and Oxford (UK) attesting to his commitment to renewables. He can really explain all the technical stuff.


Mechanical Supervisor

The expert rooftop installer who ensures our teams install your system quickly, efficiently and safely. Stephen brings a background of 15 years of roofing and solar experience in the UK, Perth and Darwin. He knows the importance of protecting your roof.

Thomas Wearne - Electrical Engineer Battery Specialist

Electrical Engineer and Battery Specialist

Our expert in-house solar PV designer. Thomas specializes in purpose built custom commercial and off-grid solar solutions. He brings a first class honors degree in electrical and renewables energy engineering from Murdoch University in Perth.



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OUR COMMUNITY - We like to give back


We have a simple belief that businesses who enjoy the support of their community should always strive to give back. Consequently we contribute to worthwhile Territory causes and organizations to the extent that we can.Below are some of the organizations we have helped.

We are also introducing a program which will allow customers to join us in this effort by pledging rewards for referrals to their own preferred charity or one of those we already help.